The constant amazement of accompanying and learning

In March 2020 our lives changed radically, and the year was a challenge to adapt to a new normal which we still weren’t able to fully understand. Intiwawa as an organization was not alien to this but with a lot of dedication and work we managed to efficiently adapt a face-to- face accompaniment to a virtual one and with all the lessons that the 2020 adaptation brought us, Intiwawa must continue to generate learning and teachings that help our children face the different challenges that may arise in life.

Starting the month of March with socio-educational and emotional support was a very different challenge from last year, because having accumulated a whole year of experiences and teachings, the challenge we have with children and parents is much greater, but with the Commitment and work as always Intiwawa is able to fulfill great goals and advances.

The experiences we share as a team are very rewarding; For example, the first meetings began by filling us with joy, nervousness and eager to meet the people who would be in charge, feeling the phone ring until someone on the other side says: Hello, good morning ? Immediately beginning to introduce yourself and listen to a tender and unexpected: “Goodmorning miss or teacher.” At that moment you are stunned, because never in your life have they called you that. However, the minutes pass and you get to know a little more about these innocent beings that all they want is to get ahead despite the different situations that are presented to them.

With regard to the mothers, it is very important to work with them, to give them that emotional support that they often do not have, and thereby discover that they always have to be strong in front of their children, but that in their hearts they have many worries and sometimes they do not know what to do…

Starting by knowing them via phone call and that in the blink of an eye they become friends, to support them and make them smile, to be their confidant in those moments of darkness and that they are also the ones who teach us the value of love. The accompaniment of parents and children is supposed to have a clear and trustful communication, in which emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas are expressed that allow us to know each other and establish bonds that nourish us as humans, and we understood that not only children learn if not that we too, values such as honesty, responsibility, sincerity, respect, commitment and above all optimism and motivation to achieve and fulfill your dreams.

Finally, we want to deeply thank Intiwawa, for giving us the opportunity to be part of this wonderful team that, despite the current circumstances, does a great job to eradicate the social gaps that exist in Arequipa, sharing values, motivation and commitment to all of us and our children. To be an Intiwawa volunteer is to learn daily and live constantly in amazement, a product of the accompaniment process that brings us great human learning.