5 Reasons Why Helping Others Makes Us Happy

There are so many reasons, why helping others makes us happy. Here the five most important ones!

Helping Others Gives Us Perspective

It creates a global perspective; one that encompasses understanding and compassion for all kinds of people. It reminds us how big the world is and that we are all connected to each other. It changes our daily routine and how we respond to problems in our life. When the kids we work with just want new shoes for Christmas, issues like bad-hair-days or staining that shirt that we just bought don’t seem that important. It changes what things we view as problems so we can spend our time and energy finding solutions for the really important issues. We’re not perfect, and sometimes the small things will still get to us, but now we can laugh them off a little easier.

Helping Others Provides Us with a Sense of Community

Normally, when we think of volunteering, we think of the community we’re trying to help, not about the other people trying to help. Through volunteering, we can socialize with other like-minded people and share a common commitment. This work can be difficult, and sometimes we end up covered in dirt, but it’s a little easier when we have people to talk to that are also covered in dirt. There’s an instant support system where we can vent about volunteering as well as our problems back home. Our society has become very individualistic, but naturally, we all want to be a part of a dependable community. It’s hard not to feel happy in a safe community full of inspiring people who try their best and look out for each other.

Helping Others Shifts Our Values

Volunteering reminds us of what we truly value in our life. Sometimes, we get so focused on things we think we need to be happy, like makeup, TV, or the ‘perfect Instagram life’, that we forget what really matters. By changing what we value, we’re able to create happy and sustainable lifestyles. Lifestyles where we spend time doing what we love with the people we love. Also, studies show that when we help others our mood increases while our feelings of stress and depression decrease. So, not only are we beginning to live happier, healthier lives, but we are literally becoming happier by helping others.

Helping Others Boosts Our Self-Confidence

We feel accomplished and more confident when we are able to make a difference in our community. Joining projects where everyone has something to offer and a voice to be heard makes us feel like we always have a purpose. So, even on our worst days when just want to wear sweatpants and do nothing all day, we still show up. Just showing up is huge! When we can’t help out in person, we can still feel good about donating whatever we can, because the littlest things to us make the biggest difference to them. Volunteering is something we can feel good about doing.

Helping Others Spreads Happiness

Anyone who likes to help others knows the feeling. The feeling when we realize that what we did was actually able to make someone happy. It’s like when we make someone a gift or spend a really long time trying to find the perfect one, and when they finally open it up, we can see that they are genuinely happy with it. It makes us happy to know that we are responsible for that moment of happiness.

If you would like to donate to our projects, or if you would like to volunteer with us, just click on the links!

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