Exploring Máncora

Last week volunteers headed north to the border with Ecuador to explore the surfer’s paradise Máncora.


As you get of your bus at the terminal and begin to wander down the strip you can straight away get a sense of the chilled vibe of this beach paradise. Walking down the street past surfer shacks blasting reggae, seafood restaurants serving prawn linguini and tuna steak salad and cool coffee bar’s with deck seating you instantly feel on holiday. A short walk perpendicular from the main street is a walkway lined with beach shops and ice-cream parlors to satisfy your summer holiday retail needs. Eventually the tarmac road will fade into soft white sand and you’re sight can extend to horizon. The seafront is punctuated with restaurants, bars and hotels at your disposal. Grab a sunbed, order some drinks and food and relax in the beautiful sunshine! For the thrill seekers, you can rent a board and head into the waves. For those after a more relaxing time, get a massage on the beach! If nature is your thing then you can head out to sea for a whale watching tour – providing it’s the season. During the day Máncora has an ultimate chilled vibe – perfect for reading a book or some beachfront yoga or meditation. However, once you witness the beautiful sunset over the horizon and the sky turns from blue to orange to pink, the party then starts. By 6 o’clock all the restaurants on the strip are open and the choices are numerous. Sushi, Italian, Argentinian, Peruvian – the list goes on! Indulge in some incredible seafood and a cocktail or two. Then either head to one of the booming bars or simple go back to your hotel and sea the night in with a relaxing read in a hammock under the stars.

Where to stay

Either you can stay in a hotel/hostel on the strip or you can choose one of the many accommodations in the jungle vibe settlement on the outskirts of Máncora. This area is covered in palm trees and tropical plans. La Maison Eco Hotelis a great option – with a small pool and good breakfast.

How to get there

As Máncora is nearly at the northern most point of Peru, you’ll need to take two planes from Arequipa. One to Lima and one to Piura or Talara. From Piura you’ll have to take a 3 hour bus to Máncora – 20 soles each way.

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