Meet the Volunteers: Noémie

Hear our volunteer Noémie’s perspective of life with Intiwawa!

Noémie, 26, French

“I studied psychology and management for masters at university and currently work as head of a group of social workers at an organisation that supports people with disabilities.”

“I have various reasons for wanting to come to volunteer with Intiwawa. Firstly I wanted to give my time to a good cause that focuses on the welfare of children. Also I wanted to fully discover a new culture – something that cannot happen with merely travelling around to the touristy destinations. Volunteering allows you to better understand and experience a foreign culture.”


“I chose Intiwawa due to a friend recommending their great experience to me. This, in addition to Intiwawa’s social media platforms gave me a good insight into what the organisation was about, consequently encouraging me to sign up.”


“When I first arrived I found speaking Spanish in the weekly meetings and to the children rather difficult. However, after several weeks my language began to improve quickly.”


“I love living in Arequipa because the city is beautiful with brilliant sunshine every day. Also life doesn’t cost much here so I can do plenty of things like eating out every-night and travel around discovering Peru.”


“I would advise future volunteers to brush up on their Spanish before coming but not to be nervous because everyone here is very welcoming and friendly.”

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