Cheap things in Arequipa that you can’t afford at home

When living in Arequipa, you can finally buy all the things that you can’t afford at home. Your quality of life will drastically increase, as you can suddenly afford things like travelling on the weekends, eating out in restaurants, taking taxis and going to the gym.


Weekend travels

The times when you spent your weekends lazy at home in front of the TV are over, as travelling on the weekends in Peru is quite cheap! For around 9 Dollars there and back you can take a bus to the deepest canyon in the world, the Colca Canyon, where you can visit hot springs, do a several days hike, see Condors and enjoy breath-taking mountain landscapes! You can also explore several beaches around Arequipa on the weekends! A night in a hostel dorm costs only about 6 Dollars.


Going out for movies

We all love going to the movies with our friends. In Arequipa, you can afford to go to the cinema on a regular basis, as it only costs around 4 dollars to watch a movie and 3 dollars for a huge (refillable!) bucket of popcorn!



Eating out in fancy restaurants

While your budget at home is rarely enough for going to a restaurant once a week, in Arequipa you might as well eat out every single day. Most restaurants offer menus for lunch and dinner for a maximum price of 3 dollars, even fancy ones! Even fine dining is affordable, with prices between 10 and 20 dollars. Arequipa´s best restaurant offers dishes for 30 dollars.


Getting a haircut

Going to the hairdresser can be quite costly at home. Also, sometimes waiting times are quite high and you end up spending much more time and money at the hairdresser than you intended. In Arequipa, you can get a quick and good haircut at any time of the day for only 6 Dollars.



Exotic fruits

Mangos, papayas, melons and pineapples are delicious but unfortunately quite pricey at home. Here you enjoy a mango every day if you wish, for only 30 cents. And if you think you like exotic fruits at home, you will even love them more in Peru, as they taste much sweeter and more intensive than the ones at home. If you go to the market you will only know about half of the fruits offered, as there are so many delicious fruit types in Peru to be discovered!


Going to the gym

Going to the gym can be quite expensive at home! In Arequipa, you’ll have no more excuse for being lazy, as memberships here only cost around 25 Dollars per month, including constant support by professional trainers.



Taking a taxi

Taking a taxi is something you can never afford at home, although it would be so convenient! Especially if you’re running late or if you want to go to a club with your friends. In Arequipa, taking a taxi for half an hour costs only around 3 Dollars and taking the bus is even cheaper, with a maximum price of 30 cents for bus rides up to an hour or more.


Getting a massage

Oh yes, you read right. Massages are cheap in Arequipa. There is nothing better than a relaxing massage after a weekend of hiking. Especially when half an hour only costs around 9 Dollars


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