5 reasons why being a volunteer is an experience for life

As a generation, we have discovered that we can have everything but time. We sometimes feel as if we would need more than one lifetime to experience the different gifts life can bring us. One of these fantastic gifts is the sweet work of helping others.

1. Find your purpose in helping others

Everything in life is a service. As lawyers, doctors, psychologists, teachers and engineers we are trying to improve other people´s lives to make the world a better place. At any stage of our life, we can create an impact, even if this impact is just a small one. Because together, all the small impacts make one big impact for creating a change. By volunteering at an NGO like Intiwawa, your effort forms an important part of this change!

2. Exchange with people from all over the world

Meeting people from different cultures enriches your own life. There is nothing more interesting than building friendships with people with different ways of lives and points of views. When working together as a team, you can learn from each other and get to know completely new perspectives and ways of thinking. Intiwawa is bonding the different experiences from volunteers from all over the world together for a common purpose: helping the children of San Isidro.

3. Give and receive love

Giving love to the ones who really need it is a great gift. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and experiencing their growth and development and how you gain their trust and affection through your work.

4. Take part in sustainable development

Latin America faces important development challenges. Although many countries have implemented solid economic and financial policies, many people do not benefit from the national economic growth. Volunteering at a local NGO like Intiwawa helps to boost the development directly where it is needed, in a sustainable way.

5. Enhance your professional skills

Working as a volunteer with Intiwawa does not only enrich your personality but also your professional skills. You learn how to work with children, as well as working in a team, assuming responsibility and organizing projects and events. According to your personal preferences, you can involve yourself also in Marketing, Finances and Project Management.

Being a volunteer is not a hobby, it’s a philosophy of life!

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