Meet the Volunteers: Milli

Milli travels the world 🙂
We have a new volunteer coordinator: Milli Hauck! Read a little bit about her below 🙂

1) Where are you from?
2) How did you find Intiwawa?
Through the Intiwawa website.
3) What were you doing before Intiwawa?
I worked in administration and coordination for the European Food Safety Authority.
4) What will you do after?
I’ll most probably look for a longterm position at an organization of my choice or eventually work for the government supporting social, environmental or humanitarian programs.
5) What has been your favorite moment at Intiwawa?
The day I visited the school for the first time. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere in a desertlike place with poor infrastructure and bad living conditions. The moment I entered Intiwawa my impression changed immediately. I was standing in front of the most colorful and beautiful little school I have ever seen. The artistic paintings, the bright colors and pictures as well as photographs from smiling children brought so much life and happiness into the space that I completely forgot about what I had seen before while on my way to the school.
Apply to be a volunteer today and chat more with Milli!! Email

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