On the Horizon: Proyecto T’anta

For most of it’s life, Intiwawa has focused its efforts and activities on the children of San Isidro. It is now our pleasure to announce a new project that will directly benefit every member of the family, no matter the age: a bakery in San Isidro!

As of now, San Isidro and it’s neighboring villages have no main marketplace for bread, vegetables, dried foods, etc. A handful of restaurants and snack stands pepper one commercial block about 15 minutes from San Isidro, and the rest of the area is given over to small houses, a dirt highway, and garbage zones. The Intiwawa bakery will sell fresh bread to the community and provide employment for five local women. It will be completely self-financing and self-sustaining, and will be the first of its kind for San Isidro.

We’re super excited to start this project!! Read more about it here, and please consider donating to help get this project off the ground !!

Lots of love,

Team Wawa

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