Meet the Volunteers: Betsy

Betsy at peace on a lake.

Betsy came to Intiwawa in September 2017 and will stay until March 2018 !

1. Where are you from?

I’m from Brooklyn, New York. This is my first time living in a desert / near mountains and I love it. It’s doing great things for my skin. Brooklyn is an amazing place but I like being away from home. When I’m in Brooklyn, I meet lots of people that have just moved to New York. Their energy is uniquely palpable. It’s nice to be on the other end of that experience.

2. How did you find Intiwawa?

I found Intiwawa online. I knew I wanted to travel through South America by way of volunteering, but I didn’t know where I wanted to start. I began searching for organizations that didn’t just cater to foreigners looking to party. I wanted to find an NGO that valued its community; worked sustainably and responsibly; practiced self-reflection and adapted accordingly; and didn’t ask its volunteers to pay. After setting all these criteria, I found Intiwawa :).

3. What were you doing before Intiwawa?

I graduated university in May 2016 and spent a year working as a preschool teacher in Brooklyn. I came to Intiwawa in September 2017, with a head full of nursery rhymes, crafts projects, and glitter glue.

4. What will you do after Intiwawa?

My Peruvian visa expires in March 2017, and once exiled I think I’ll look for similar volunteer opportunities in other countries. I’d like to spend a month volunteering in Buenos Aires, a month in Montevideo, a month in Rio de Janeiro…etc.

5. What has been your favorite moment at Intiwawa?

Kicking a soccer ball around with the kids before starting Tareas one afternoon, a tiny little kid voice shouted “LA MISS SABE JUGAR!!!!!” Warmed my dang heart to hear the awe in his exclamation (and of course it stroked my ego). It’s fun to connect with the kids outside of Tareas, playing a game we both love. It’s also fun to break down gender barriers, and make sure the kids know both “boys” and “girls” can play soccer–each just as terribly or as wonderfully as the other.



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