Notes from the kitchen counter: Viernes en IntiWawa

Fridays at IntiWawa are much more laid back than Monday-Thursday. There’s no homework, which means no confiscating cellphones and no embarrassing yourself trying to explain long division. The kids play board games, make art projects, choreograph dances, etc., and volunteers take turns cooking meals for everyone (two moms from San Isidro cook M-Th).

Last Friday was my (Betsy) turn to cook, and I went with what I know best: pasta in tomato sauce. I found it relaxing to be sectioned off in the kitchen for an afternoon; away from the center of action. I whipped up a really f*cking good sauce (sources confirmed it was tasty) and waited over an hour for my cauldron of pasta water to boil. Come 5pm, some other volunteers helped me serve and we all ate together in the Sala Grande.

A blurry pic of me and Justin (USA) with a ton of pasta; back when we thought we were cooking something good.

Much to my dismay, bowl after bowl of pasta came back to the kitchen NEARLY FULL!! I comforted myself with enough rationalizations to feed IntiWawa twice over (the kids aren’t used to pasta; they’re not used to tomato sauce; they don’t like tomatoes; they don’t like onions; too much garlic; etc.), and hid my shame in the arms of very sympathetic volunteers. I wonder why they ACTUALLY didn’t like the pasta…because god knows I’ve made disgusting food before, and this dish was not disgusting. But regardless, next time my turn to cook comes around I’ll be making sandwiches and banana milkshakes. Gonna bribe them for their love.

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