Vacaciones Útiles

It’s summer vacation south of the equator, which means Intiwawa transforms from an after-school program to an AM summer camp. We are currently in the second full week of programming, and are very happy to share the classes and activities our volunteers have organized for Intiwawa’s summer students :).

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Medical Emergencies Abroad

Getting sick while away from home is both scary and a pain in the a*s. And yet your body is likely to break down in one way or another: you are confronting new germs; potentially doing more in day than you would in your home country; potentially putting yourself in physically trying situations.

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Notes from the kitchen counter: Viernes en IntiWawa

Fridays at IntiWawa are much more laid back than Monday-Thursday. There’s no homework, which means no confiscating cellphones and no embarrassing yourself trying to explain long division. The kids play board games, make art projects, choreograph dances, etc., and volunteers take turns cooking meals for everyone (two moms from San Isidro cook M-Th).

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