Top 10 Arequipa

(In no particular order)

  1. Buda Profano
    • Absolute must for vegetarians (& curious carnivores). Platters of colorful vegan sushi that *look* like their pescatarian counterparts but *taste* entirely unique.
  2. Mono Blanco
    • Bar. Go-to spot for Intiwawa volunteers. You’ll probably end up here at least once…don’t let anyone make you drink the blue thing.
  3. Colca Canyon
    • THIS HIKE IS F*KING HARD. It’s basically an obligatory trek for anyone passing through Arequipa, but BE WARNED. NO ONE WARNED ME. That said, you’ll get to brag that you hiked the deepest canyon in the world & it’s quite stunning. The condor up top is from my trek.
  4. Las Gringas
    • Artesanal pizzas are supposed to be the draw, but I like the craft beers. Also a beautiful atmosphere. Despite the name & the fact that I just wrote “craft beer” in earnest, the restaurant draws just as many Peruvians as gringos.
  5. Monastario Santa Catalina
    • Well worth the ticket price!!! Truly beautiful haven in the middle of the city with a thought-provoking history.
  6. San Camilo
    • Cool market! I think I get ripped off here, but it’s fun to walk around and look at the bounty. Avelino is an even bigger one, a short bus ride from the center.
  7. Selva Alegre
    • A refreshing green space in a city otherwise given to concrete and dust. It’s nice and fresh here, and a great place to come to escape the pollution.
  8. Mundo Alpaca
    • An outlet store and museum! They have live alpacas you can take cute pictures of and an awesome walkway explaining weaving traditions and the textile industry. You might feel justified in buying a scarf for 200 soles after reading about the labor that goes into it.
  9. Biblioteca Mario Vargas Llosa
    • Beautiful, beautiful library dedicated to the literary giant hailing from…the one and only…AREQUIPA. Bibliophiles should hit the two bookstores down the street–El Lector and SBS Libreria. Pick up something great and settle down to read in the library’s garden.
  10. Mollendo, Sogay, or Las Salinas
    • All wonderful day-trip destinations! Hit Mollendo for the beach, Sogay for waterfalls, and Las Salinas for hikes and salt flats. Each is about two hours away from the city proper :).

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