Meet the Volunteers: Justin

Big Justin, tiny ice cream.

Justin arrived in August 2017 and will stay until May 2018 !

1. Where are you from?

I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania and went to school in Philadelphia. My hometown was small, there were around 250 kids in my high school and some of my friends had farms.

2. How did you find Intiwawa?

I found Intiwawa after talking with some volunteers that were here when I arrived in Arequipa. I came to Peru to study Chagas disease in Arequipa but also wanted to continue volunteering with kids like I did in university and learn more about the communities here.

3. What were you doing before Intiwawa?

The week before coming to Arequipa I graduated from university! (Editor’s note: yay Justin!!)

4. What will you do after?

I’m not very sure yet, but perhaps continue with a topic in disease research.

5. What has been your favorite moment at Intiwawa?

My favorite moment has been the Halloween party that we had with the kids and their parents. It was really fun to interact with the community there and see everyone enjoying themselves :).

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