Greetings From Germany!

We have a new team!

After celebrating Intiwawa’s 10-year anniversary, we decided now is a good moment to bring fresh wind into our work.

Intiwawa has come a long way, in a journey full of ups and downs, but always with countless memorable moments. After a lot of learning it’s time to take some risks and make some changes. It will not be an easy road, but it will be the best one for Intiwawa! And so at this year’s General Assembly we voted on a new board for our German Team. We’ve been working very hard on transitioning smoothly during the last few months and it is now our pleasure to introduce ourselves! Our hearts are full of hope and determination. Big changes start with small steps, and today we invite you to join us and give us your support.

Who we are:



Henning is the President of Intiwawa e. V. He studied management and social science of the Internet in London, Hong Kong and Oxford. He currently lives and works in Berlin. He is one of the founders of Intiwawa and the only representative from the old team.




Suzan is the vice-president of Intiwawa e. V. and studied Public Governance across borders in Germany and the Netherlands and majored in international relations. After working in the sector of development aid for several years she joined Intiwawa in 2016. She manages the administrations and communications.




Felix studies Cultural Studies in Hildesheim. Felix is a former Intiwawa volunteer! He spent half of 2015 and 2016 at Intiwawa, and his motivation brought him back in 2017. He is the new Volunteer Coordinator for the German Team and our expert concerning all things volunteer-related.


Martin (1)


Martin studies Social Work in Berlin and volunteered for Intiwawa in 2015 and 2016. After staying one year in Arequipa he decided to support the German Team with their finances, fundraising, marketing and social media.


As part of the new Team we are also very happy to introduce Julia as our current General Manager in Peru.



Julia is from Brazil and holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and International Relations, with a post-graduate course in Social Innovation Management. She represents the German Team in Peru and does a little bit of everything, from coordinating all volunteers to helping with daily projects and administration issues. She worked with Intiwawa in 2015 and returned this year thanks to her belief in the impact the organization has on the community.
We would like to give a BIG thanks to the old team for the great work they did in the past 10 years. We are very glad to have the opportunity to continue their work – and also to give Intiwawa a new look. We are excited to work hand in hand with the Peruvian Team to keep improving Intiwawa, and in this way we hope to support our Intiwawa kids the best we possibly can.

Stay tuned!! Times, they are a-changing…

Visit us here or on our website ( in order to catch up on upcoming news and plans for the future.


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