Inti Halloween

On the Saturday before Halloween, we threw a BANGIN’ party for the San Isidro community. We took the holiday as an opportunity to reach out to the community at large and to get our dang spook on, and what ensued was a joyful, energetic, sugar-fueled and love-based celebration.

We brainstormed the Halloween party as a way to open Intiwawa up to all of San Isidro. We want parents and caregivers to see Intiwawa as a resource and refuge for themselves as much as for their children, and in this spirit, we invited all to come and celebrate the holiday within our walls.

¡¡Spoooky!! / Julia Tolentino

In preparation for the fest, we strung balloons across the Inti courtyard; hung black and orange streamers from the windows; spun a spider web between columns; set up a face painting station; rolled out gourds; and, scariest of all, let the kids drink as much Inka Cola and eat as much candy as they liked. We decorated to the sweet tones of Michael Jackson, and come 3 pm, kids were lining up outside the gate, jockeying to get in.

We opened the doors at 3:30 and families kept rolling in until 5! The kids ran balloon relay races and went absolutely crazy for the face painting–which, thanks to talented volunteers, turned out some excellent looks (see our gallery below). The moms in attendance played two competitive rounds of musical chairs while on-lookers danced and cheered, and at the end of the game, everyone re-grouped for the scavenger hunt. We divided the guests into family-based teams, and then they tore through San Isidro gathering clues and solving riddles. Everyone–from the youngest children to the angstiest teenagers to the maturest moms–loved the game.

Racing for clues / Julia Tolentino

It was immensely gratifying to see guests of all ages enjoying what we had put so much work into; as if all the energy we poured into the party bubbled back out in laughter, dance, and love. Both guests and volunteers went home tired, happy, and full–a sure sign of a good party–and we met again on Monday with a new intimacy and joy.

Check out more pix here:

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