Hello from Arequipa!

Sunset in San Isidro, September 2017 / Julia Tolentino

Welcome to Intiwawa’s new blog! Check back regularly for updates on Intiwawa events, volunteers, and projects.

As you already know, Intiwawa is a non-profit organization working in the San Isidro community. It was founded in 2007 by a Peruvian and German team of do-gooders, and now draws its support from international and Peruvian volunteers and from board members split between Arequipa and Berlin.

International volunteers live together in IntiHouse — a beautiful building in the center of Arequipa (think roof terrace, hammocks, cactus paradise) — and travel to San Isidro Monday – Friday. From 3-6 pm, volunteers help the Intiwawa students with homework, serve a delicious and nutritious meal, supervise/facilitate teeth brushing, and clean the Intiwawa facilities. Peruvian volunteers live, well, in Peru, and do not keep as strict a schedule as international volunteers, though are encouraged to come as frequently as possible!

Saturdays present an excellent opportunity for busy Peruvian volunteers to get involved — Intiwawa hosts “Casa Cultural”: a morning of structured play in San Isidro. Volunteers lead art & music classes; sports games; computer classes; and more. The Saturday schedule changes to meet student and volunteer interests, and new class proposals are always welcome!

We discuss new classes, administration, internal organization, future plans, and more at our Monday night meetings. The entire organization gathers at IntiHouse, and together we keep Intiwawa shining as bright as its namesake ☼.

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