How To … Arequipa

Sunset on Chachani from IntiHouse roof, October 2017 / Betsy Allman


Buy Chapstick!!! Buy sunscreen!! Always put on sunscreen. Wear sneakers. Wear sunglasses. Buy mangos. Eat with pancakes, oatmeal, smoothies, quinoa. Haggle with taxi drivers. Haggle with market vendors. Haggle with pharmacist. Lose to pharmacist. Plant cactus. Enjoy cactus. Think about Spanish. Learn past perfect. Get used to traffic. Take combi. Wash socks. Text family. Sit in sun. Drink coffee. Look at mountains. Look at mountains!! Look at sun on mountains. Look at sun setting on mountains. Look at pink purple blue orange clouds behind mountains. Feel tiny. Feel existential. Feel independent. Feel past present future. Feel possibilities.

Around Peru: Huacachina

Huacachina at dusk, October 2017 / Betsy Allman


Huacachina is a desert oasis about 10 kilometers outside of Ica — 3 hours from Lima and 12 hours from Arequipa.

We left Intiwawa around six, and 13 hours later we were in Huacachina! I managed to sleep basically from the moment the bus left the terminal in Arequipa till it pulled in to Ica (a feat both disturbing and fantastic), and arrived in a sleepy mystified trance.  Continue reading “Around Peru: Huacachina”

Hello from Arequipa!

Sunset in San Isidro, September 2017 / Julia Tolentino

Welcome to Intiwawa’s new blog! Check back regularly for updates on Intiwawa events, volunteers, and projects.

As you already know, Intiwawa is a non-profit organization working in the San Isidro community. It was founded in 2007 by a Peruvian and German team of do-gooders, and now draws its support from international and Peruvian volunteers and from board members split between Arequipa and Berlin. Continue reading “Hello from Arequipa!”