Intiwawa: An island of happiness

The Casa Intiwawa in San Isidro is like an island of happiness that often stands in a strong contrast to the world the children come from.

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Experiences around Arequipa: Hiking on 6000 meters

Climbing the Chachani volcano with an altitude of 6075 meters is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not many people have been on a mountain higher than 6000 meters. If you live in Arequipa and prepare yourself a bit, you can make this dream of many mountain-lovers come true.

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Cheap things in Arequipa that you can’t afford at home

When living in Arequipa, you can finally buy all the things that you can’t afford at home. Your quality of life will drastically increase, as you can suddenly afford things like travelling on the weekends, eating out in restaurants, taking taxis and going to the gym.

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7 reasons why learning sign language is good for children


Last week we initiated a sign language course for the children of San Isidro. Within just one week, the school of sign language LARA has taught the children how to count, spell and present themselves and their family members in sign language. We were really impressed with how much enthusiasm and especially how fast the kids learned how to speak in sign language! And there are several reasons why our partnership with LARA is good for the children:
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